It's ok to walk away from things that are no longer serving us. This includes alcohol.

Apr 30, 2021

At some point in your life, you get tired of unhealthy connections, whether it be people or things. As you grow, certain things become intolerable to your liking...and that's ok.

Mamas, stop beating yourselves up for outgrowing people and places when you stop drinking. It is ok.

You don't have to stay tied to a friendship, relationship, or anything that is no longer serving you, including alcohol.

We go through phases in life, and as we grow, that means friendships drift apart. Things that you enjoyed doing don't appeal to you anymore. And that's a good sign. That means that you are trusting yourself and following what YOU truly what and who you want to be surrounded by.

This is a common concern that I talk through with a lot of my clients. Of course, there's a bit of sadness when friendships or relationships are no longer serving us, but I promise you that you will attract others who have similar values and goals as you once you DECIDE that you deserve that.

You just have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone a bit. Find a new hobby. Join a hiking group or search on Meetup for groups that might interest you.

Another great way to form connections with other mothers who are at a similar point on their alcohol-free journey is by joining my signature program, Confidently Be Alcohol-Free - 60 Day Challenge, starting TOMORROW!!!!

The number one thing I hear in these challenges is that these mothers feel SAFE and HEARD in this group container, which is why I keep the group small because sharing is how the healing process begins. You're not in a group of hundreds or thousands. You are in a group of a maximum of 40 MOTHERS. It's such a special place where connections are formed that last well after the challenge is over.

You ready to be surrounded by others who will support, inspire, and motivate you to keep going even on the days you don't want to?

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