No, you don't "deserve" a drink for making it 30 days without alcohol.

May 19, 2021

No, you don't "deserve" a drink for making it 30 days without alcohol.

You deserve to keep giving your mind and body the care it needs by continuing not to drink.

How many of you have done this? I did.

It's madness what we put ourselves through for a poison that's destroying our mind, body, and soul. Don't celebrate the fact that you went 30 days without drinking by then turning to alcohol. Celebrate that you went 30 days without alcohol and keep going to experience even more benefits.

Are you ready to give your mind and body the love it deserves by not drinking?

Join 39 other mothers and me for the Confidently Be Alcohol-Free - 60 Day Challenge is NOW OPEN for registration. This is the LAST ROUND of the challenge for the foreseeable future and maybe EVER. As I've mentioned on my personal profile (@alysonpremo), things are changing behind the scenes with my coaching programs, and I've never been more excited for what's to come, but that means some things have to go for now, and this is one of them.

This challenge has helped HUNDREDS of mothers jumpstart their journey to an alcohol-free life. I could tell you all the bells & whistles, but it's not about what's included. It's about the support and the connections that are formed within these 60 days. Most of these groups form their own WhatsApp chat AFTER the challenge is over to support one another.

The number one thing I hear on a DAILY basis is that you feel alone in your struggle with alcohol, but you're not, and being able to vent and share what's on your mind shows you that there is nothing wrong with you because there isn't. This is how the healing process begins. This is how the shame and guilt start to disappear.

BONUS!!!! The first TWO who sign up receive 14 days of personal Voxer access to me (a $347 value) and a journal to get you prepared for the daily journal prompts that the challenge provides.

Click here to grab your spot now before it's too late! Only 40 spots available! 

P.S. This is it for the challenge for the foreseeable future. It's either now or maybe never, and no, this isn't a marketing tactic. It's the truth. Don't be the one who missed out because of fear. Don't let those fears keep you stuck any longer. NOW is the time! I hope you'll join us!


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