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If you’ve been using the excuse of “I’ll wait until…”, then all your time excuses are out the window on January 1, 2020. Stop waiting and start doing, so you’re not wasting another DECADE of mental energy on trying to moderate your drinking. Aren't you ready to get rid of alcohol controlling you once and for all?


By the end of the 90 days you will:

  • Be confident in your decision to say NO to alcohol
  • Have gotten yourself out of the habit loop so it's easier to not go to alcohol as your crutch
  • Have developed healthy coping mechanisms
  • Have eliminated the extra bloat
  • Have gained patience with your children, which in turn leads to happier kids and better family dynamics in general
  • Have ditched the nights of waking up at 3 sm riddled with anxiety and regret
  • Have started to explore who you really are and what you want out of life


Who is this for?

  • You’ve decided that there’s no better time than the start of a new decade to quit drinking, BUT you’re nervous on HOW you’re going to do it. 

  • You’re COMMITTED to changing your relationship with alcohol

  • You need a confidence boost to continue the non-drinking lifestyle

  • You want to get a feel for what coaching is like

  • You have a Facebook account 


In 90 days we will:

  • Find your triggers (boredom, loneliness, social, etc.)

  • Learn different tools to add to your sobriety toolbox to get you through cravings

  • Discover what you can do to change your night time and weekend routine

  • Get you out of the “mom guilt” cycle

  • Boost your confidence in your decision to say NO to alcohol 

  • Quiet the inner voice that’s trying to sabotage you

  • Diminish the negative self-talk that’s keeping you stuck

  • Talk through tough moments TOGETHER


You will get:

  • Daily content (resources, tips, motivation, videos, or articles) ($300 value)

  • 5 LIVE Group Coaching Calls ($500 value)

  • 1 50-minute one-on-one introduction session with me ($100 value)

  • 90 days of journal prompts ($30 value)

  • Daily support from me via the Facebook Group ($900 value)

  • Daily accountability check-ins ($100 value)

  • Support from other like-minded mothers (priceless)


All for $347! The deadline to register is 12/31. Challenge starts on January 1, 2020!


You are worthy of a life that doesn't include alcohol. The benefits of not drinking are endless, now it's your turn to find out for yourself. Join us! 


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Ditch The Drink in 2020 - 90 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge