Are you acting in line with your priorities every day?

May 12, 2021

Are you acting in line with your priorities every day?

I'm assuming if you're on this page that one of your priorities is remaining alcohol-free. So since that's your main goal every single day, are you actively choosing to do things that align with that priority, or are you choosing things that aren't?

For instance, let's say you're at the beginning of your sobriety journey, and your friends invite you to a brunch. You know without a doubt that the mimosas are going to be flowing like water. So what do you do to act in line with the priority of staying alcohol-free?

Do you decline the invite?
Do you tell your friends beforehand that you're not drinking?
Do you commit before even walking in the restaurant that you will only be having soda water with lime?

Or do you do none of the above and say f*ck it, it's just this once?

Which version of you is going to get farther on this journey?

I already know that answer. It goes back to we can't keep doing the same things and expecting change. If what you've been doing hasn't worked, then it's time to switch it up. It's time to make being alcohol-free a priority for you.

At almost 4.5 years sober, not drinking is still a priority for me. I have to continue to do the things that keep me sober.

Of course, there is no back and forth of should I drink or should I not? That neural pathway has already been walked over and over again to where I don't have to spend time surfing the urge. It's an autopilot habit now, and I've learned other tools along the way to help me with those uncomfortable emotions that I hated feeling before.

But guess what the number one thing to do is when those uncomfortable feelings arise? Feel them and breathe! Sure some days suck, and some days anxious moments pop up, but my brain knows from experience that it will pass, and everything will be ok.

Stop choosing alcohol over the discomfort—every time you do that, you're making it harder for yourself in the long run. Stop running and stay.

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