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Whatever brought you here, I'm glad that you've chosen to spend a few minutes learning about the programs and 1:1 coaching I provide. Even if you don't decide to go further than visiting this page, I'm proud of you for taking a step in the right direction. Any small step forward will help us get to that place of freedom that doesn't include obsessive thoughts about alcohol. I can't force you to quit, but what I can do is show you the way.

Are you ready to leave mommy wine culture behind? 

Apply for the 90 Day 1:1 Program where I use my signature Sober Mom Method™ to break bad habits, reverse the toxic cycle, and find the real you that's been hidden under the guise of alcohol and motherhood for far too long.

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Your Road Map to an Alcohol-Free Life

Have you been trying to get out of the toxic drinking cycle, but then after 4 or 5 days, you say, "screw it!"?

Download these 4 SIMPLE TIPS on how to conquer that wine witch once and for all, so you can actually ENJOY an alcohol-free life.

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1:1 Coaching

I finished up the 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program - From Detox To Dedication with a mom in California and yes, I work with mothers all over the WORLD. She had done the live Alcohol Experiment a few times, listened to podcasts, and read some books, but she found that she needed MORE. What she needed was the one-on-one support that personalized coaching provides. Challenges like The Alcohol Experiment as well as ones that I host are great to get the ball rolling and for some that is all they need. For others, they need a bit more accountability, guidance, and a space where they can TALK. Talk about their triggers. Talk about what’s going on in their chaotic life. Talk about the WHY and the HOW.

If this sounds like you and something you're interested in, then message me for more information. 

To make sure you're a good fit for the 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program, please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you within 24 - 48 hours. This process makes sure you are ready for this type of investment and to ask questions.

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Alcohol-Free Challenges

These challenges provide knowledge, support, and accountability. What I like to call the trifecta of sustaining and THRIVING in long term sobriety! These Alcohol-Free Challenges are kept small for a reason. Most other challenges have hundreds or thousands of people in them (men and women), and this makes it hard for the people who feel intimidated in a big group like that. The small group allows you to be more comfortable in sharing, which is the first step to ridding the shame and guilt that some of us have been holding on to. The friendships that are formed in these challenges last well beyond the 60 days are over. 
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Group Coaching 

It’s one thing to communicate with someone through text or comments, it’s another level of experience to be able to HEAR and LISTEN to what others are struggling with, and think of ways we can get past a roadblock TOGETHER. We can’t go through this journey alone. We need to form connections, and this is the way to do just that.

I believe so much in the power of connection that I include group coaching with private 1:1 Coaching as well as the Alcohol-Free Challenges.

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Meet Your

Sober Mom Coach

Who Am I?

Hey there, I'm Alyson Premo.

Just 7 years ago, I was in the midst of a drinking cycle that I didn’t know how to get out of. Right now, you may be justifying your drinking with the mommy wine memes, merchandise, and the “everyone around me is drinking,” so I’m fine attitude. I thought I was “fine” too until I slowly progressed to having shots of vodka before work, going out to the liquor store at lunch to fill up my coffee cup with wine, and finishing a whole bottle of wine before bed as my way of relaxing from the stressors of motherhood. 

This progression didn’t happen overnight. It took years of detoxing and thinking I could moderate, and then slowly going back to my old ways to finally wake up. Ultimately I hit my “rock bottom” on 11/14/16, and it ended up being the worst and best day of my life. That was the day I got sick of living my every waking moment with anxiety, sick of the hangovers, sick of not being the mother my son deserved, and sick of feeling like an embarrassment.

To fulfill my true purpose in life, I switched career paths from being in the corporate world as a Business Development Executive to becoming a Certified Professional Recovery/Life Coach. I was fueled by my passion to help other mothers who are struggling alone, and for those that wanted a different way than reading out of a Big Book in a church basement. 

I have been where you are. Hiding how much I was drinking. Chugging alcohol before even leaving to go to a restaurant. Never leaving a sip of alcohol behind. Not telling anyone how much I was drinking for fear of being called a bad mom. The shame and guilt kept me trapped in this cycle for far too long.

I'm here to guide you through this journey. YOU CAN DO THIS. There are going to be some hard days, but those are the days when we grow, and we can look back and say, "wow, look at all I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come." This life is worth it, and YOU are worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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"Working with Alyson has been the best decision I made after deciding to quit drinking for good. I had quit for spurts at a time in the past and told a few people here and there but Alyson provided support and accountability from someone who “gets it”. My loved ones didn’t understand why I can’t just have one. Alyson helped me understand that juggling it all was possible and normal didn’t have to even include just one. I’ve made it 130 days sober now and see no end in sight. I’d highly recommend working with her if you want to have a personalized quitting journey."

1:1 Coaching Client 


I've been chosen as a top Sober Coach, by the coachfoundation.com!

How is my coaching different from others?

I support women to feel empowered when removing alcohol from their lives instead of feeling deprived. My main goal is for them to see there is nothing wrong with them for getting stuck in a cycle with an addictive substance but then to show them they have the power to get themselves out. To do this, I use a combination of powerful questions, listen to their individual needs, and pull tools out of my coaching certifications toolbox to get them to see how capable they are of making the change.

To read the full article click here.

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Confidently Be Booze Free - 60 Day Challenge

This journey isn't meant to be done alone, and you don't have to! Challenges provide the foundation of healing and consistency required to build confidence and momentum in sustaining and thriving in long-term sobriety. Join other mothers for this signature program that helps mothers achieve milestones they never have before.

Are you going to start before you're ready, or are you going to keep making it harder on yourself? Because the longer you keep putting it off, the harder it gets. The more guilt. The more regret. The more feeling of like absolute garbage. It is not worth it!

To be on your way to feeling better than you ever have before with less anxiety, more patience with your kids, and a life that doesn't revolve around alcohol - click the button below to join me and the other women on the inside!

Yes, I need this challenge!

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You know those people that I’m talking about, right? Those that say I’m drinking red wine for the antioxidants. Um, you can get your daily dose of antioxidants without ethanol in it. Blueberries, grapefruit, watermelon, broccoli, carrots, and the list goes on are foods that you can eat without a side of cancer-causing carcinogens.

This week the American Cancer Society published NEW GUIDELINES for alcohol. 

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Once upon a time, there was a girl from a small town in Connecticut who felt she was never good enough.

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I'm more than my sobriety. I'm a mom. I'm an entrepreneur. And I'm a lover of Bravo.

One of my favorite women in this sober community asked me a question last week in my stories. It was pretty profound and made me take a step back, so I told her I would answer it for my 3 year soberversary blog post. Her question was, "How proud of yourself are you that you started such a successful and inspirational place for women to share and bond? How do you go about telling non-sober women what you do when asked?”

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