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I’m Alyson Premo, a 35-year-old single mom to the most handsome and sometimes pain in the butt 9-year-old! My life forever changed on November 14, 2016, when I took my last chug of wine in a detox parking lot. Towards the end of my darkest moment, I was drinking beer, wine, vodka morning to night. It didn’t matter what type of alcohol it was I just physically and mentally needed it to stay alive. I’d wake up at 3 am with so much anxiety that I’d just grab the red wine bottle that was on my nightstand just so I could calm my thoughts and fall back to sleep. It ended up being a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out of until I finally called my mother on November 14, 2016, and asked for help. It ended up being the toughest day of my life, but also the day I took my life back and became a present mother again.

On my sober journey, I’ve become a Certified Professional Recovery Coach in the hopes of inspiring others that it is possible to recover. I’ve been through addiction firsthand, so I understand what you’re feeling and how you think you’ll never be able to get out of the vicious cycle. I sought a therapist after getting out of detox, and while I continue to see her, I wish I had a Recovery Coach in the beginning. Having a specialized focus in addiction and not just telling people to go to AA because that’s always what’s been done is crucial. There are multiple pathways to recovery. Everyone is different and can’t be expected to go one route. That’s where I come in. To guide you on the path that’s right for you. Encouragement and accountability go a long way especially in your first year of sobriety. Let me help you with any obstacles you may be facing.

YOU CAN DO THIS. There are going to be some hard days, but those are the days when we grow and we can look back and say wow look at all I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come. This life is worth it and YOU are worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



Need help to stop reaching for a bottle of wine when you're stressed, anxious, or even happy? I use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to one-on-one sessions and group sessions, I am available to you 24/7 via text and email support.  I am not only your coach, but also your sober mom companion.



Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to not numb out or shut down, but rather gain other tools and resources to handle whatever life may throw at you, without reaching for that glass of wine.


Connect, Share & Empower

Being able to share our struggles we face with others is key to healing and taking our power back. We cannot do this alone, nor should we have to.  Many of my clients don't have the time to attend meetings after a busy work day and then running around with their kids to school and sports activities.  This is the perfect option for the busy mom's who want to build connections and share their struggles and successes without taking away from spending time with their kids.


Guidance & Inspiration

Combination coaching includes one-on-one sessions plus one group session per month.  Many of my clients love this option.  Guidance from myself, and then inspiration from the other sober mother's is a great combination to reach your fullest potential and achieve the goals you have laid out for yourself.

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"Sobriety is not an anchor. It's a pair of wings."



Happy Clients Mean Happy Kids


"For those of you who haven’t spoken with Alyson Premo yet, and are struggling, I want to share how much she just helped me. I had a call scheduled with her for Friday, but just messaged her that I was having a hard day, and she offered to immediately change our phone call so I could speak with her. She helped me get over that hump of sadness and frustration that I was having, and cleared my path so I could have a sober night. So thankful."


"Working with Alyson has been the best decision I made after deciding to quit drinking for good. I had quit for spurts at a time in the past and told a few people here and there but Alyson provided support and accountability from someone who “gets it”. My loved ones didn’t understand why I can’t just have one. Alyson helped me understand that juggling it all was possible and normal didn’t have to even include just one. I’ve made it 130 days sober now and see no end in sight. I’d highly recommend working with her if you want to have a personalized quitting journey."


Alyson helped me see that the key to becoming alcohol-free was understanding the journey as a work in progress. She was supportive and optimistic; she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Alyson's support helped me break free from the control of alcohol. Her daily affirmations, our phone calls, our follow-up conversations... all helped me when I thought there was no hope. I had to put the work in, but Alyson helped show me what work to do and, most importantly, that it could be done. She showed me that this success was even possible, on my own timeline and within my own abilities. I will be forever grateful.


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