Top hydrating tip for the Summer. Don't drink alcohol!

May 27, 2021

This weekend is the non-official start to Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. For some, this may mean day drinking on the beach, sitting outside on the patio with a cold beer in your hand, or sitting by the fire pit on those chilly nights with your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice.


👉🏻 What if I told you you could do all of this but swap out your favorite non-alcoholic beverage instead?

👉🏻 What if I told you that getting through all the Summer holidays without a hangover the next day is possible?

👉🏻 What if I told you that your Summer will still be full of fun, a golden glow, and enjoying the summer activities with your kids?

👉🏻 What if I told you that you wouldn’t be wasting another day filled with crippling anxiety, regret, and wondering what embarrassing thing you said or did the night before?

All of this is possible, but if you’ve been relying on willpower alone and haven’t been able to get past your roadblock mark (usually around day 4 to 5), then it’s time for you to change things up.

We were never meant to go through life alone, and we definitely can’t go through this sober journey alone either, which is exactly why I created the Confidently Be Alcohol-Free - 60 Day Challenge for ONLY mothers.

The one thing that I consistently hear is that other sobriety programs aren't discussing how being a parent adds to the challenges of sobriety. We don't have all day to do nothing and take baths, do yoga, and read for hours on end. We have little humans that we are responsible for, and that means we can't just throw our hands in the air and say you fend for yourself.

In creating this program, I understand that motherhood and sobriety are a whole other level. I understand that you don't have all the alone time in the world. You will learn strategies and tools to help you with the overwhelm of motherhood and being irritable in those early days of sobriety.

🛑 So my question is, what's stopping you from a life you know you deserve without alcohol?

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